Zoom drinks party - Gin and/or Beer

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Product Overview

A chance to join with friends over zoom to share a few beers/gins using our tasting experience pack. Packs are only £15 per person and we will send you everything you need for the online video stream.

You can choose to be the host of the event or we can setup the event and provide a professional presenter who has an indepth knowledge of the gins and beers.

The gin packs contain 4 gins each with 40ml (pub measure is 25ml) or 4 craft beers (large 500ml bottles) so you can judge how many packs you may want for the number of people in each household joining the event.

Choose how many packs you will need and we will send you the packs along with host notes and a list of garnishes etc that you will want to have on hand on the evening. 

If you need a different number of boxes then place multiple order to make up the correct amount for your event.