Vintage 1698 - London Dry Gin

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Vintage 1698

1698 saw the establishment of the first spirit merchant in England. The merchant (later to become Berry Brothers and Rudd – still selling fine gin to this day) was responsible for selecting the best gins and bringing them to the newly formed gin audience that was growing in England.

The gin features a botanicals selection including of juniper, ginger, dandelion root, coriander, orange and lemon, this will make for excellent cocktails and mixed drinks.

Nose: Vibrant with citrus and earthy juniper. Subtle leafier touches underneath the bright top-notes.

Palate: Drying juniper freshness, joined soon by orange and some rootsier notes on the mid-palate

Finish: Balanced sweetness and drying touches. Serve over ice with Fever-Tree Indian tonic water