Moon Distilled Gin - 50cl

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Moon Gin: Inspired by man's urge to discover and explore, moon is the first cosmic gin ever made. Moon is a fresh and citrus driven gin with a subtle touch of cinnamon and roasted almsonds, infused with moon meteorite. During distillation, this gin touches the moon itself by adding lunar rock to the botanicals.

Created by 2 explorers and a master distiller, moon is unique both in taste and experience. Information 100% grain distillate, double distilled in original copper alambique. The pure distillate, free of gluten and allergens. The alcohol percentage of 44 ° refers to the origin of the moon 44 billion years ago.

Ingredients: Juniper, bitter and sweet orange peel, lemon peel, coriander seed, cinnamon, star anise, liquorice, cinnamon, basil, almond, lemongrass, angelica, rosemary, ...

Taste & aroma: Fresh citrus-tinted gin with flavors of liquorice, cinnamon, and basil Garnish: zest of orange, also zest of other citrus fruits are possible.

Tonic: Neutral tonic such as Twelve Below Classic tonic

Awards: "SIP" Awards 2018: Platinum for taste and gold for the design of the bottle. Silver medal at "Concours mondial de bruxelles", Gold medal received from Gin Ur Way (90/100), Silver medal at "World Gin Awards 2019", Silver medal at "International Wine and Spirits Competition".