What our customers are saying

Join  our growing list of members, we currently have nearly five thousand members in the club, many of whom subscribe to get their monthly bottles. Here is what they are saying:

"I always look forward to the post when my gins are due, the miniatures are so cute and I love trying lots of new gins that I may never get to try elsewhere." Carla - Dec 2018

"The team are really helpful, if you have a problem with your delivery they sort it out. Drop Lois an email she is lovely." Marie - Feb 2019

 "The club is pretty good value considering the choice your get, the miniatures are helpful to make sure you don't end up with a gin you don't like." Martin - Aug 2019



We also have an active group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FridayNightGinClub/  where you can ask for first hand experience from any of our 5000 members. They also know their stuff if you have any questions about gin, garnishes, mixers or just about anything else.


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