Liverpool Organic Gin, 70 cl

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All of the botanicals used in the production of Liverpool Gin are organic, as is our base spirit. In addition to our bespoke bottle, our organic status ensures we stand shoulders above the competition within the ‘Super Premium’ category. We use an Organic Wheat derived base spirit. The base spirit is crucial in ensuring the botanicals have a perfect canvas, as well as for the way Gin complements a mixed drink. The wheat base helps give the crisp profile within Liverpool Gin.


  • 43% ABV; 70cl
  • Botanicals include; Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Cardamom, Angelica root, Liquorice root, cassia bark, Orange peel and Lemon peel
  • Perfect Serve; Add 50ml Liverpool Organic Gin to a balloon glass filled with cubed ice. Top with 100ml premium tonic water, stir well and garnish with your choice of watermelon, orange with mint or star anise with orange
  • Tasting Notes; An intense juniper and complex, well-balanced botanical flavor over a rich cereal note with a bright citrus finish
  • A premium, organic made using only certified organic botanicals
  • Complex gin
  • With a well balanced nose
  • Complex flavours and a long finish