Glendalough Irish Rose Gin, 70 cl

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This small batch gin is crafted using Glendalough Wild Botanical gin and a selection of different rose petals foraged from the Wicklow mountains, just south of Dublin, Ireland.

  • A DISTILLERS TRIBUTE - Rowdy Rooney crafted this beautiful Rose gin originally to remember his mother, Rose. Roses from her tended garden provide fresh petals for every batch on this Irish gin
  • VAPOUR DISTILLATION - We slowly and gently vapor distil the fresh flowers with wild plants from the mountains around the distillery for a deeply aromatic and flavorful gin
  • FRESH DISTILLED EVERY DAY from botanicals around the distillery in the Glendalough Valley.
  • A TEAM OF FORAGERS sustainably pick wild Irish botanicals capturing the essence of every season in Wicklow, Ireland. From the fresh notes of spring in bloom to the earthy notes of autumnal leaf fall.
  • FIVE FRIENDS founded the Glendalough Distillery with a vision to revive craft distilling in Ireland.

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