Belgin Ultra 13 Dry Gin - 50cl

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You should be able to guess a fair amount about Belgin Ultra 13 Dry Gin from its name. You should be able to figure out that it comes from Belgium from its delightful wordplay, and that it uses 13 botanicals from the seemingly random number in the middle. It's not random at all! It's very descriptive indeed! If you want specifics, we've got those, too. The 13 carefully balanced botanicals are juniper, angelica, orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, cloves, coriander, cardamom, vanilla, hops, gentian and cinnamon. Terrific in a G&T garnished with orange peel, but the producers also recommend trying it in a juniper-based twist on an Old Fashioned!


Soft vanilla and bergamot arrive first, followed shortly by pepper cinnamon, coriander and juniper. Fresh citrus brightness lingers on the finish, complimented by floral hoppy bitterness.