Belgin Fresh Hop Gin - 50cl

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If you're a beer lover, thenBelgin Fresh Hop gin  should be on your bucket list. 

The love of gin and hops is encompassed for the first time in this delicious, unique and delightful blend. This Belgian gin puts aromatic Belgian hops at the center and complements it with a selection of 16 botanicals including Juniper, soft coriander and citrus peel.

The result is an undeniably smooth gin that provides a new chapter to Belgium's 500 years of Jenever distilling (the origin of gin) and its famous beer and hop growing tradition.

Belgin Fresh Hop received a gold medal for winning the 2016 WSWA spirit tasting competition in Las Vegas. It was judged by a distinguished group of experts, mixologists, bar owners, senior spirit buyers and beverage program directors.