Beldoux Chocolate Cream Liqueur - 50cl

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Handcrafted with fresh cream and three types of Belgian chocolate


Beldoux is a superior cream liqueur created with Belgian finesse and exceptional quality.

Handcrafted with the finest and richest real Belgian chocolate (with a high cacao content) and lusciously fresh natural dairy cream.

A true indulgence, Beldoux chocolate is not only perfect over ice, in cocktails and coffee but it is also delicious in your favourite desserts.


Because we only use the freshest natural dairy cream and real chocolate, the chocolate might settle at the bottom of the bottle. Please shake vigorously before use for optimal flavour.


Beldoux is handmade in Belgium by expert craft distillers with over 100 years of experience. We dedicate ourselves to crafting the best tasting natural spirits for an amazing taste experience.